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Ring of Fire is the sister promotion to Full Throttle Wrestling. It's goal is to bring the best out of its wrestlers for the fans.
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PostSubject: Salazar   Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:40 pm

Wrestler Name: Salazar

Alignment: Face

Height/weight: 6'3" 210 pounds

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Mute Jaguar

Entrance: As “Into The Horizon” by Neverland begins to play, the lights in the arena dim down and some multicolored lasers start to make a show. After a few moments, Salazar steps onto the entrance ramp and throws his head back before letting out a roar. After roaring, Salazar walks down to the ring for his match.

Short Bio: Salazar is a young man from Mexico City, Mexico. With his identity hidden behind a jaguar’s mask, not much is known about the man. It is speculated that he is a mute, as he never speaks and instead only communicates through sign language as his growls are not understood by other people. Despite this particular oddity, Salazar has gained much success in the wrestling world due to his lightning fast speed and attacks combined with his strength making for some very good matches. With ambition burning in his heart, Salazar now comes to America with the hopes of stunning the competition with his talents.

Finisher(s): Jaguar Step – Salazar races towards XXXXX before jumping up and stepping on XXXXX’s chest before driving his knee right into XXXXX’s skull.

Tiger Bomb – Salazar lifts XXXXX up and into powerbomb position before throwing XXXXX to the mat.

Shining Jaguar – Shining wizard

Wrestler Pic:

Brawl: 70
Speed: 100
Tech: 30
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