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Ring of Fire is the sister promotion to Full Throttle Wrestling. It's goal is to bring the best out of its wrestlers for the fans.
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 Nobuyori Aida

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Nobuyori Aida

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PostSubject: Nobuyori Aida   Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:08 pm

Wrestler Name: Nobuyori Aida

Alignment: Face

Height/weight: 6’1" 225 pounds

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Gimmick: A Japanese wrestler looking to entertain American fans with his wrestling style

Entrance: "Be Naked" by Neo Atomic Motor plays in the arena as Akiyori Toyotomi and Nobuyori Aida step onto the entrance ramp. The men clasp each other’s wrists and pose for the crowd before breaking away from one another and walking to the ring.

Short Bio: Nobuyori is a young Japanese wrestler looking to make his mark on the business. He has worked in Japan for many years alongside his childhood friend Akiyori Toyotomi as Team Tension. The two have spent years gaining experience in their craft, but both men understood that they needed more training. In an effort to gain experience working against other styles, the two men came to America.

Finisher(s): Sun Driver – Nobuyori Aida gets behind XXXXX and hooks XXXXX’s arms behind his/her back before lifting XXXXX into the air and slamming XXXXX’s unprotected head into the mat while bridging for the pin.

Wrestler Pic:

Brawl: 85
Speed: 65
Tech: 50
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Nobuyori Aida
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