Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is the sister promotion to Full Throttle Wrestling. It's goal is to bring the best out of its wrestlers for the fans.
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 Mark Shurman

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Mark Shurman

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PostSubject: Mark Shurman   Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:53 am

Wrestler Name: Mark Shurman

Alignment: Heel

Height/weight: 6'0" 225 pounds

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Gimmick: Overconfident Bodybuilder

Entrance: “We are the Champions” by Queen begins playing in the arena as Stan Styles jumps out from the backstage holding a shake weight. Stan puts the weight between his legs and shakes it, emulating a certain thing males do. Mark Shurman follows him out from that back and poses as Stan laughs. The two walk to the ring before sliding in and posing for the crowd, showing off the fruits of their bodybuilding.

Short Bio: Mark Shurman is the more serious half of the Best Team Ever. While Stan likes to make sexual comments and jokes, Shurman focuses more on what needs to be done inside of the ring. That doesn’t mean Shurman won’t talk big though, as Shurman is never lacking in confidence.

Finisher(s): Deal Breaker – Mark grabs XXXXX and lifts him/her onto his shoulder before flipping XXXXX over and slamming XXXXX into the mat.

Wrestler Pic:

Brawl: 100
Speed: 30
Tech: 70
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Mark Shurman
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